Giving Back 11%


Karma Eleven's inception is rooted in a remarkable five-month solo journey to India undertaken by our founder. During her time there, she immersed herself in the vibrant tapestry of Indian culture, living and working in ashrams, forging profound connections with the people she met, and even dedicating her efforts to animal rescue, bringing home two dogs to Canada for adoption as a testament to her deep compassion.

India, with its breathtaking beauty and stark contrasts, opened her eyes to the immense suffering in the world and the fundamental need for sustenance and survival. It was a profound awakening to the stark disparities often overlooked in more developed countries. This experience left an indelible mark, fueling her determination to make a difference.


Upon returning to Canada and laying the foundations for her vision, our founder chose the name Karma Eleven. In India, she was taught a more meaningful definition of "karma", in that it translates to "choice." It encapsulates the profound notion that we have choices in every action we take, and it's the quality and love we infuse into those choices that reverberates and creates love in the world.

While her feet may have been on Canadian soil, her heart remained in India, yearning to alleviate suffering and bring about positive change. With this mission, Karma Eleven was born. The inclusion of "Eleven" in our brand name holds profound significance—it represents our unwavering commitment to giving back 11% of our net profits. This decision was not arbitrary; it was a deliberate choice to embed our core values into the very essence of our brand. "Eleven" is not just a number; it is the heart, soul, and foundation of Karma Eleven, symbolizing our dedication to making a meaningful impact on the world.


From the very beginning, Karma Eleven has been driven by a commitment to give back. We pledged to donate 11% of our net profits to animal rescue shelters, a cause close to our founder's heart due to her personal experiences in India.

Over time, our interests expanded, and we embraced the principles of the effective altruism movement. Today, we consciously seek out organizations where our contributions can have the greatest impact. With each step in our business's growth, and with every gift you purchase, you join us in planting good seeds that create positive change around the world.

Together, let's make choices that inspire love and compassion, and through Karma Eleven, let's sow the seeds of goodness that flourish far beyond our own horizons.

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