Passion for Wholesale

Wholesale isn't just a venture for us—it's the heart of our business. Here are some incomparable offerings from Karma Eleven: 

Unique and Ethical Products:

  • 100% of our gemstone jewelry is designed, meticulously handcrafted, and shipped from our base in Vancouver, Canada.
  • Our 14K gold filled jewelry is manufactured ethically in the USA and assembled in Vancouver.
  • We are a woman-led company, with a dedicated team of six women who share a passion for creating exceptional jewelry.

Quality Anti-Fast Fashion at Competitive Prices:

  • We use high quality materials such as gold vermeil, 14K gold filled [trending], and sterling silver.
  • 100% genuine stones [no imitation, synthetics or hydro quartz].
  • Our pricing offers an unmatched value proposition for high-quality, genuine stone jewelry made right here in Canada.
  • Handmade small batches in Vancouver, Canada and truly meant to last and stand the test of time.

Tailored for Wholesale Success:

  • Every product is equipped with barcodes for effortless inventory management.
  • Our product range includes white imagery and bracelets available in three sizes, facilitating sales in both physical boutiques and their online stores.
  • Orders are promptly processed and shipped within 2-3 business days.

Diverse Product Range:

  • Our jewelry extends to men, women, and children, catering to a wide customer base.
  • Our designs are trendy, yet timeless and seasonal to ensure fast sell through rates.
  • We proudly offer fair-trade, ethical Palo Santo wood.
  • Our range also includes crystal towers, gemstone shapes, and tumbled stones, offering variety and appeal to different tastes.

 Philanthropic Partnership:

Our pledge is to contribute 11% of our net profits to causes that can help the less fortunate. Our support of animal rescue efforts in India has evolved into a range of social initiatives, all guided by our interest in effective altruism and contributing to a better worldKarma Eleven seeks to make the world better by offering uplifting, well-crafted items and concurrently contributing to alleviating global suffering.

Let's work together 

When you choose to collaborate with Karma Eleven, we aim for it to be a positive experience for everyone involved. By partnering with us, you're supporting a Canadian-based business that employs five dedicated women and maintaining relationships with our longstanding suppliers and their families. Additionally, you align with an organization that is committed to giving back 11% to charitable causes worldwide.

Moreover, you'll be offering your customers products that excel in terms of quality, while also promoting an eco-conscious brand. This partnership can bring a touch of fun, magic, and beauty to your shop.

Furthermore, our approach is straightforward and transparent. When it comes to ordering and stocking your store with our products, we strive to make the process enjoyable and seamless for your staff.

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